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Clinical efficiency and patient comfort are continually improving in the field of dentistry. We’re dedicated to providing our patients with an exceptional experience, so we devote time and resources researching state-of-the-art treatments and techniques. For 25 years, we’ve remained on the leading-edge of dental care.

Our Watertown and Carthage NY offices are 100% digital and equipped with the following comfort-enhancing technologies:

Digital Radiographs or X-rays – Fast, convenient, and best of all – safer for our patients! Digital X-rays allow us to lower X-ray exposure by 85%, reduce waste, eliminate hazardous chemicals, and streamline your dental visits.

CEREC – With CEREC CAD/CAM technology, we can design, mill, and place custom crowns in a single visit!

DIAGNOdent – Now, we can detect decay in its earliest stages with this cavity-finding laser. DIAGNOdent allows us to provide treatment at its most conservative level.

Intraoral Camera – Our doctors use this pen-sized camera to project live images onto a chairside monitor. The camera helps us diagnose and explain dental disorders.

Soft-Tissue Laser – Lasers have revolutionized dental care by offering pinpoint accuracy and minimized trauma. With a soft-tissue laser, we can perform many treatments in a single visit, without the need for sutures.

Flat Screen TVs – Flat screen TVs with DVD and satellite capabilities are located in each operatory to enhance your experience and provide interactive patient education.

CAESY Interactive Patient Education – CAESY features interactive videos that explain dental treatments in easy-to-understand terms and helps patients visualize the outcome of specific therapies. With CAESY, you become an informed participant in your oral healthcare.

Air Abrasion – This modern alternative to the dental drill whisks away decay with high-pressure particles of aluminum oxide. Most patients don’t need anesthesia when we use air abrasion to prepare teeth for fillings.

Visit our dental offices in Watertown or Carthage NY. With two convenient locations, we serve residents of Watertown, Carthage, Black River, Fort Drum, and Adams NY. Call (315) 788-1070 today to reserve your appointment and experience dentistry for the quality-conscious consumer.

1131 Commerce Park Drive East
Watertown, NY, 13601
(315) 788-1070

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