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I understand that choosing a dentist and a dental health team can be a challenge, leaving you feeling somewhat uncertain. Let me welcome you and share some insights about what I try do for my patients. My hope is understanding how I practice dentistry will begin to make you feel more comfortable and put you at ease.

The philosophy guiding my practice is as follows:

“My purpose is to help people achieve the highest level of well-being appropriate for them and in so doing, to enhance the quality of their lives. I am passionate about patient education and committed to always act in the patient’s best interests.”

In other words, I will help you be or become as healthy as you choose. This is a major departure from the way I was trained and how most dentists practice. Instead of telling you how healthy you ought to be and making decisions for you, I will try to help you understand your choices about dental health and then let you make a free and informed decision.

I feel, in my practice, my purpose is as a dentist but also a teacher and educator for my patients. I am most happy professionally, when the people that have trusted me with their care can understand fully their treatment options and in turn make decisions based on what they have learned and feel is best for them. Ultimately, I want to help patients clarify their dental goals and explain all their possibilities in a way that creates total understanding.

In addition, I am unconditionally committed to be the best technical dentist I can be. You should know, without question, all dentists are not alike. I have averaged over 100 hours of continuing education each year over the last five years. I have also been recently honored, when I was named to the Visiting Faculty at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. There I volunteer extensive time and energy to the pursuit of clinical excellence through continuing education. I attend multiple Spear Education advanced workshops and hands on courses as a participant, and also commit significant time and resources to facilitate the learning of other dentists through service as a mentor and leader in their courses. During these leadership opportunities, I teach other dentists how to achieve their esthetic dental goals for their patients.

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